JaeBea, Milwaukee’s #1 ranked DJ, came onto the scene a little under 3 years ago and has had great success proving himself as one of the top DJ’s around. He has played at some of the biggest and most prestigious venues in the Chicago/Milwaukee area. He has a well balanced mix of everything, and plays to the crowd with high energy sets. He has also been announced as Energy 106.9’s newest edition to the station with his mixes airing every Friday & Saturday night starting at 10pm. As a producer, JaeBea has produced remixes [Filthy Beatz Remixes] that have been on music blogs, the worlds most popular DJ Record Pools, the theme song for WWE Diva Summer Rae, and have been used in NBA arenas across the nation. Things have just began for JaeBea!



Listen to Filthy Beatz Volume Three here

Filthy Trap Beatz Vol 3




JB #1 DJ Graphic

JB NRG 1069 Graphic